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JOJE ABEBE ART Foundation is a non profitable organization our mission amongst other things is to provide some financial support to couples who can’t readily afford the very high cost of fertility treatment, through financial grants from the foundation, so that those couples who are financially handicapped can more readily be able to afford the treatment. This financial grant may covers up to 50% of the cost of fertility treatment.

It is hoped that with this grants, many will be inspired, motivated and encouraged to start this journey to parenthood, which many because of the high cost have refused to start at all.

What we do  

o   We make fertility treatment affordable to infertile couple who can’t afford it, through financial Grants

o   We create awareness about the available treatment options for infertility through special educational outreach program.

We also provide the much needed psychological, emotional and spiritual support to our clients before, during and after the treatment program.

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