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The first testimony is that of Dr & Mrs John Abebe. After waiting for 12 years, Joshua and Jemimah were delivered on the 16th of January, 2015.

Our Story.

We got married on 22nd June, 2002 and like every other couple we expected children to come when we were ready to have children. We decided to wait for one year before we started having children. The first year of trying past and my wife was not pregnant. We continued to pray hoping that the next month will be it, but she kept seeing her period.

In the third year, we went for check up and after doing some tests, were told that some challenges were responsible for the delay in achieving pregnancy. In the sixth year we moved to Abuja and that same year commenced fertility treatment. We had our first IVF treatment on the 28th of August, 2008. We were very expectant that finally our heart desire will be granted, but that was not to be. The pregnancy test was negative. We were very disappointed at the result, but didn’t lose hope. We tried again on 8th April, 2010, but the result was negative. We had the third attempt on 19th June, 2010, which failed. The 4th attempt was on 14th September, 2010; and this time the pregnancy test was positive. What a joy to receive that news for the first time ever. We were excited that finally it has happened, only for our hopes to be dashed when we went for the first transvaginal scan. We were told the pregnancy was not doing well. My wife subsequently had an evacuation. By this time, we were beginning to grow weary, but got encouraged from God’s word. We had the 5th attempt on 6th April, 2011, and it was negative. With faith in our heart and not ready to give up, we went for the 6th attempt on 20th September, 2011. Again, the result was negative. Not relenting, we went for the 7th attempt on 20th December, 2011, and for the 7th time, there was nothing to show. The result was negative.

At this point, we almost lost it but for the mercies of God. Looking back now, I can’t imagine how we survived that period. It truly took the grace of God. For more than a year, we did nothing as regards treatment. We were just holding on to God and his word.

After gathering enough strength from God’s word knowing that God can’t lie, we went again for another treatment, the 8th attempt on 2nd April, 2013, and it was negative. We were very disappointed and turned again to God for encouragement. There were so many questions and very few answers. We just kept wondering, when will this promised blessing manifest. 

God reassured us of his promise, and that he is too faithful to fail. With faith and Confidence in our heart again, we went for the 9th attempt. This time, the pregnancy result was positive. I can still remember that night when my wife woke me up with a shout “It is positive…it is positive”. After two weeks, we went for the first transvaginal scan. Two gestational sacs with good cardiac activity were seen. That night was glorious. Finally, God had come true for us. This was for real. The pregnancy was doing well.

God sustained the pregnancy, there were no unusual challenges and everything went well. On the 16th of January, 2015, to the glory of God, our two beautiful bundle of joy came forth; Joshua and Jemimah, ending 12 years of waiting and after 6 years of fertility treatment. 

This is the story of Dr and Mrs John Abebe, of how we overcame, conquered and triumphed over infertility and barrenness. God indeed is faithful. He promised and definitely delivered at the right due time. To him be all glory and adoration.



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