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Dr. John

Dr John Abebe, the medical director of JOJE ABEBE Fertility Center (JAFC).

Dr. John Abebe...


Couples with infertility embarking on a journey to parenthood often face series of emotional, social and sometimes financial difficulties. These often include emotional stress that usually is associated with the burden of infertility which further decreases their chance of conception, deterioration of core relationships and having to pay large sum of money and not receiving appropriate fertility counselling, investigations, emotional support and quality medical treatment.

Partnering with the right partners for this journey is key, in order to make this journey a successful and memorable event. The medical director Dr. John Abebe and founder of Joje Abebe Fertility Center (JAFC) understand all these challenges that infertile couples faces having gone through the burden of infertility for 12 years. He is very passionate about seeing couples overcome the burden of infertility.

A dependable, reliable and trust worthy partner guaranteed to provide adequate emotional support on this journey to parenthood.

A center committed to providing compassionate fertility counselling, appropriate infertility investigations, quality and cost effective fertility services.

     A center devoted to exploring recent advances in the field of human                    reproduction to deliver the desired result.

Our team of specialist and highly trained personnel which include gynecologist, embryologist, IVF nurses, IVF counselors etc, combines experience, technology and advanced training, will carefully take you through a highly individualized and personalized fertility treatment. A compassionate team devoted to provide fertility care in an environment that radiates love and warmth making sure that the journey to parenthood becomes a memorable event. 

     At JAFC, we understand that no two patients are the same, although they may have come with the same complain. Our treatment plan is personalized to meet the needs of each patient after an initial comprehensive fertility evaluation.


The first testimony is that of Dr & Mrs John Abebe. After waiting for 12 years, Joshua and Jemimah were delivered on the 16th of January, 2015.
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Dr. John Abebe

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