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Sickle-cell Anaemia (SCA) is a blood disorder typically inherited from a person's parents, who are carriers of sickle-cell anaemia trait (i.e. both parents are AS genotype, or one of the parent has SS genotype).  

It results in an abnormality in the oxygen-carrying protein haemoglobin (hemoglobin S) found in red blood cells. Thus, causing the affected red blood cells to be rigid and have sickle-like shape.

The haemoglobin gene is located at chromosome 11, Sickle-cell anaemia occurs when a person inherits two abnormal copies of the haemoglobin gene, one from each parent or both abnormal copies from one parent, resulting to SS genotype individual.

Symptoms of sickle-cell anaemia typically begin around 5 to 6 months of age, following the replacement of fetal haemoglobin with adult haemoglobin.  A number of health problems may develop, such as;

  • Pain attacks ("sickle-cell crisis")
  • Anemia
  • Swelling in the hands and feet
  • Bacterial infections
  • Stroke 

The incidence of sickle cell anaemia as of 2015 by (Global Burden of Disease Study 2015) about 4.4 million people have sickle-cell anaemia, while an additional 43 million have sickle-cell trait. About 80% of sickle-cell disease cases are believed to occur in sub-Saharan Africa (Rees, et al, 2010).  In 2015, it resulted in about 114,800 deaths (Global Burden of Disease Study 2015).

Management of people with sickle-cell anaemia may include;

  • Infection prevention with vaccination and antibiotics
  • High fluid intake
  • Folic acid supplementation throughout the person’s life span
  • Pain medication
  • Blood transfusion and the medication hydroxycarbamide (hydroxyurea).
  • Transplant of bone marrow cells

At JAFC we believe that in this day and age, no couple should bring forth a child with SS genotype. Take advantage of the science & technology available to avoid it. Couples with AS genotype should by all means avoid giving birth to a child with SS genotype. It is worth preventing.




The treatment of infertility is like one embarking on a journey. At JAFC, we call it “the journey to parenthood”. This journey requires a lot of financial, psychological, spiritual and physical preparation to ensure a favourable outcome. In this journey, the destination is known but the duration is uncertain.

At JAFC, we understand the challenges clients could face on this journey, having had a personal experience myself after waiting for 12 years (read my story) before been blessed with a set of twin. We are able to offer compassionate care driven by a passion for excellence. Considering that the treatment programs are different from one patient to another, we ensure each patient receives a personalized care, thus guaranteeing the best outcome.

At JAFC, we believe that no couple should remain barren. The reason is because the solution to almost all cases of infertility is available. Once the two greatest limitations to overcoming infertility (ignorance & poverty) are removed, a couple should be able to achieve pregnancy as long as they don’t give up and are open to all available treatment options.

All that is required is a decision to start “the Journey to Parenthood”. Take that first step today by calling 08171049999 to book an appointment to see a specialist.

“A journey not started can never be completed”.

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